Dr. Michael Lutz           


My field research and scientific training have motivated me to develop market-based solutions to environmental problems.  The natural environment critically needs sustainable economic incentives for restoration and protection.  Furthermore, strong market support for the environment will generate cross-sectoral employment worldwide.


I have 20 years of experience connecting biological activity to environmental chemistry, including field research in various settings.  In the Indus Delta's mangrove forests, I worked with colleagues to examine ecosystem changes due to upstream competition for river water.  I quantified organic matter cycling in Florida Bay, a large subtropical estuary.  In the Ross Sea of Antarctica, I collaborated with and interdisciplinary team to investigate climate change impacts on pelagic ecosystems and related biogeochemical cycles.  I have extensive experience using the primary field and laboratory methods for measuring biogeochemical processes.  My publications include synthesis and modeling papers describing global marine biogeochemical cycling.


BSc, University of Miami, Geology/Applied Mathematics, dual major.
MSc, University of Miami, Marine Geology and Geophysics.
PhD, Stanford University, Geological and Environmental Sciences.